Paypal Pro API Plugin for eShop

Product 1 :
We have got lots of request for integration of eshop with paypal pro API..

Clients are asking for same solutions in different manner….
I would like someone to modify the php for eshop’s paypal gateway so that customers do not leave my site when checking out.

I need a Paypal Pro merchant gateway plugin for eShop. eShop currently offers a standard paypal gateway but does not have settings/option for the Paypal API direct pay. I am aware other shopping carts offer this (like wp ecommerce) but I like the eShop interface and functions.

I would very much like it written as a plugin for eShop.

WordPress version: 3.0.4
eShop version: 6.0.2


Finally, we decided to add this feature to eShop wordpress plugin.
You can see the demo at below url.
Demo URL :

It was great to customize this plugin as its great achievement and everyone is in need of this.

Currently we have customized “eShop” plugin for developers it might be easy to integrate our customization but may be not so easy for webmaster to do this job.

So if anyone is in need for this feature then do let us know we will do it. You can reach us  at or fill the contact us form with subject of “Paypal Pro API Plugin for eShop” and your suggations on message part.

You can see the below screenshots that we will provide you for admin settings and user-end setting.

Admin Side User Interface:

Front Side Paypal Pro checkout option:

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