Search Engine Optimization/SEO

Search engine optimization, It is the process of getting traffic from the search engines. Thousands of websites are launched everyday however many fail to survive because of poor visibility online. Seo is much cost effective than any other marketing tool. It might just be the single part of an online marketing strategy, but it is the basic one. You may have seen that generally the search engines like google, msn and yahoo show many search results however the most important ones are the results on the first and the second pages of the requested search engine results page and choose one of the links from them. You always need to make sure your website is well optimized for high ranking. We also need to research the specific keyword combinations that online searchers will enter to find our website within a specific market. Driving targeted traffic to your website begins with search engine marketing {SEM} campaign which includes Search engine optimization {SEO} strategy.

Using the right keyword:

A simple search engine optimization strategy involves the use of popular keywords or keyphrases, which is very important.By making sure that these keywords appear often on your sites’ pages or on pages linked to your site, you increase the frequency that your site is displayed on the results page, as well as improves the ranking for your site.

Link reciprocal:

Another search engine optimization strategy often used is link reciprocal; this involves a group of web sites linking to each other’s pages. Since search engines often rank sites with lots of other sites linking to them quite highly. If you have as many sites as possible linking to your own site is a good way for search engine optimization.

Article Marketing:

It is another useful search engine optimization technique that you can use. If you can write interesting articles and post it online with a link to your site, then the search engines would count all these links from all these articles and thus, give you higher rankings. Using the article marketing search engine optimization technique along with unique keyword use will also further increase the visits to your sites as more people would find these articles using different search engines.

Achievements from SEO service to your business:

Increases brand visibility and advertisements online which results in increased traffic on your websites and sales.

It maximizes the money making opportunities due to high quality traffic.

Takes you leap ahead of your competitors.

Importance of proper SEO:

SEO is one of the top online marketing strategies.

SEO helps in creating an online brand.

Benefits with the elevated amount of consumers.


On page optimization is a strategy that makes a webpage more search engine friendly, which in result is able to target relevant traffic to a webpage and increasing its effectiveness. On page optimization is such an exigent part of search engine optimization that has a direct impact on your website. It helps you identify the needs of your customers in a more efficient manner. It also provides the necessary information to the readers online; it’s basically the process of creating pages that adapts the standards so search engines will be able to seize the importance of the words or keywords in your content. There are many factors that contributes to showing up well in search engine results. Some of the important items are found on the websites themselves.E, g.PageTitle, URL and content. On-page optimization involves modifying keyword frequency in the URL, Title, Headings and Hypertext Links.

SEO Friendly Websites: SEO friendly URL means the URL is friendly to the crawlers of the search engine. So the crawlers may understand and notice what’s the content from the URL.URL s are very important for SEO foundation for your website,URL’s are what the search engines reads first. It’s how they map your entire site, telling them where to look to find your high-quality content.

Page Title: Page title is one of the important elements of your website. It should be unique for every page on your website. One should pay attention to the title of the page and it should be descriptive, and should have one or two most important keywords in it. The length of the words used in the page title should be limited to 128 characters(10 to 12 words).It should be kept relatively short, not more than one sentence. It is better if you add your product of company name in the title.

Meta Keywords: The META Keywords tag on your website is a way to tell search engines what keywords you want them to index you with. When creating your META tags, you should put all of the keywords and phrases that are important and relevant to your site in the list. Be sure to list the keywords and phrases in order of importance, as these shows the engines which words are more important for you on your website.

Meta Description: The meta description text is a description of each page’s contents and It is hidden from the users and not visible on the page, The meta description is a brief and concise description of the overall website, which is created by the website owner and it is sometimes used by search engines, and generally will be displayed in the search result listing. The META Description tag on your web page is a way to tell search engines what description you want them to use on your listing, and helps with your keyword relevancy.


Off page optimization is a technique whose main purpose is to offer external purpose to the website by increasing its online presence and by getting links from different reputed websites .Off page involves a number of activities to improve a web site’s search result ranking.E.g, link exchange, back linking, smm etc.It refers to the Search Engine Optimization which are done external to the website. It is the key factor for your business sucess, helping you to get incredible traffic on your website. Off-page optimization are search engine optimization strategies (method) (technique), which are normally employed off the pages of your website to increase its performance in the search engines for target keywords related to the page content”.Offpage optimization will actually help you get your website search engine friendly and there are many factors that contributes to showing up well in search engine results.

Link Exchange: The purpose of link exchange is to boost traffic to your site and to enhance the website’s ranking in the major search engines. This is done by building back links to your site’s link swap page, in order to increase its traffic. All websites have specific rankings and if you have more incoming back links to your website, your ranking will also get higher. But not only the number of link exchange on your website helps but the quality of incoming link counts too. So in order to be in the top position in major search engines make sure your website has link popularity.

Blog submission: Submitting good articles to enzines and article directories with links to your website will provide many inbound links and potentially free traffic to your website.Offpage optimization is mainly having links pointing to your site. It is one of the most important aspects for increasing your page rank. For off page optimization, you must have links pointing to your website. You can write articles and submit them to article directories and ezines. You should always include a link to your website in the body text of your article. Before submitting your articles, make sure they are well written, and that they will eventually make the reader follow the link to your website.

Social Bookmarking: This is another important off-page SEO technique. As social bookmarking sites allow users to share useful information with other members, you will get ample opportunity here to promote your sites.

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